Full Metal Furies 1.1.0-R3

Full Metal Furies 1.1.0-R3

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Full Metal Furies 1.1.0-R3
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  Name: Full Metal Furies
Version: 1.1.0-R3
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.9.5 Mavericks
Processor type(s) & speed: 2 Ghz
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Video RAM:

1) Unpack
2) Play

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean
Version: Steam v1.1.0-R3 (04.02.2019)

From the creators of Rogue Legacy comes a "true-cooperative" action RPG. FULL METAL FURIES puts an emphasis on team play with a unique combat system where everyone is important. Work together to defeat special enemies, string organics combos to deal massive damage, and save a wartorn world that is battling itself to extinction. Play on the couch or online with friends, and make it a party for up to four players! Or go solo in single-player, and show off your skills through a Pick 2 quick-switch system that retains all the nuances of multi-play.

Want to play with friends? Get friends first.
Up to 4 players can join in on the adventure, both ONLINE and OFFLINE.
Full couch and on-line co-op supported, and every variation in between.

Want to play alone? Expected.
The Pick 2 system lets you choose two party members to enter the battlefield.
Use the Quick-Switching to create dynamic combos, and air-crit enemies.
All nuances of co-op are retained. Everything you do in multiplayer, you can do alone.

A new take on combat.
Experiment with a combat system full of counters, combos, and oval-shaped engineers.
Every class has their own unique skill tree. How many skills? So many skills!
Donít change equipment, change abilities. Give the Tank a FREEZING SHOUT. Turn the Fighterís Leap into a POWER DIVE. Or just give the Engineer a machine gun.

A new take on enemies.
The Furies are tough, but the enemies are tougher. Encounter over 70 different enemies, each with their own unique tells and counters. No more cannon fodder!
Enemies come at you at a furious pace, and thereís no rest for the weary. New threats are introduced in every single stage you play.
Battle massive Titans in multi-phasic matches that will keep you on your toes.

More information: https://store.steampowered.com/app/416600/


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