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Spitfire Audio Mural Symphonic Strings Ensembles V.1.5

Spitfire Audio Mural Symphonic Strings Ensembles V.1.5


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Mural5B.part13.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part21.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part20.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part22.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part18.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part17.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part07.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part19.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part14.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part16.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part15.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part09.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part06.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part10.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part08.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part02.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part03.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part05.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part04.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part11.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part12.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part01.rar 9 GB
Mural5B.part23.rar 4.63 GB
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Spitfire Audio Mural Symphonic Strings Ensembles V.1.5
202.63 GB
2017-08-01 22:23:28
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If there was a single line of products that could sum up the foundation of Spitfire’s approach to sampling it would be Mural Symphonic Strings. Recorded at the same studio that has played host to billions of dollars worth of blockbuster scores, with the same players playing the same instruments. Deep sampled with an affluence unlike any other sample library. As a project of nearly 4 years we released it as a series of modular volumes. Power users out there appreciated the in-depth microphones and mixes, everyday users enjoyed being able to consume Mural in smaller more affordable iterations (especially with our Mural Ensembles degustation volume!).

For reasons we’ll give in a minute, we’ve decided to take Mural 1, 2, 3, Ensembles & Evolutions off our shelves in their current form. To celebrate their award winning success and to give everyone one last opportunity to enjoy this modular set of tools we’re going to be offering ALL volumes at a discount of a massive 47% whilst also putting Symphonic Evolutions on sale as a standalone library for the first and last time.

After nearly 4 years of hard graft we’re proud of what we consider to be the definitive selection of Symphonic Strings Samples. However having this broad selection of tools spread across different volumes does make for complications. We also found that without unifying the main body of work, we were unable to take advantage of articulation sharing between the different volumes for greater functionality and ease of use. We also feel if you want to go blockbuster you have to go bold, if you want cinematic you have to go big. So we have decided to take every articulation, dynamic layer, round robin, legato interval and rationalise it into the ultimate encyclopaedic compendium of Symphonic strings sampling to date, recorded in London, with no expense spared. Spitfire Symphonic Strings is the ‘Daddy’.

We will initially release Spitfire Symphonic Strings as a ‘core’ product with everyone’s favourite and most diverse microphone positions C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient). Followed soon after by two expansion packs, #1 Additional Mics & Mixes and #2 ‘Evolutions’.

What ISN’T in Spitfire Symphonic Strings that is in Mural?

Frankly the tons of mic positions and stereo mixes. We’ve listened to many of you and it is simply the case that not all of you want, use or have space and a download capability for all these additional mics and mixes. So Spitfire Symphonic Strings contains three diverse sounding mics (Close, Tree, Ambient) which allow Symphonic Strings to be used on a variety of uses from expansive tight modern action music to sweeping romanticism.

More importantly, the structural file complications of Mural are no longer in Spitfire Symphonic Strings, so maintaining and upgrading it will become a thing of pleasure not of pain!

1.5 (August 2015)
UPDATE: Mural Vol1 and 2 moved to same codebase as Sable 1.5
ADDED: Extra dynamics recorded for Col Legno
ADDED: Extra dynamics recorded for Harmonics
ADDED: Initial release of Mural volume 3
FIXED: Various UACC2 issues
FIXED: Lots of issues to do with blue key ranges and FX keys

1.2 (October 2014)
UPDATE: Mural Vol1 and 2 moved to same codebase
FIXED: Overlap on _Individual patches_ file names between volumes
FIXED: Violin 1 Trill (Minor 2nd ) has incorrect UACC
FIXED: Violins 1 and 2, Violas, Celli and Basses may crash when editing groups in Long patches
FIXED: Violin 2 release triggers cause popping under certain situations
FIXED: Violin 2 Col Legno are mapped an octave too high
FIXED: Violin 2 Longs do not include Leader mics
FIXED: Violin 2 TM patch issues
FIXED: Viola Fingered Legato has issues with a couple of notes during Minor 7th, Major 7th and Octave intervals
FIXED: Violas, Celli and Basses Combination Legato types all labelled as Fingered
FIXED: Celli Core Palette - Release trigger for C2 p dynamics does not function correctly
FIXED: CB (vol1+2) and V2 (vol2) TM2 patches do not function correctly.
FIXED: CB TM patch issues

1.1 (May 2014)
ADDED: Shared Keyswitches for easy integration with volume 2
ADDED: UACC Keyswitches for easy integration with volume 2
ADDED: Capability Matrix to show you what an articulation is capable of at a glance
UPDATED: New palette layout to match Sable and allow for volume 2 integration
UPDATED: Light palette for quickly getting up and running
UPDATED: Legato (Fingered) programming optimised
UPDATED: Moved to the latest Sandbox/BML Code base
FIXED: Presets do not work correctly
FIXED: Various UACC2 issues
FIXED: V2 longs and legato nv looping issues (A3, G3 and more)
FIXED: Round robin for Pizzicato cannot be safely modified.
FIXED: Mural 1 Violins 1: Noise on legato patch on G#4 and A4
FIXED: Sustain pedal does not work

1.02 (March 2014)
ADDED: UACC KS functionality added to switch articulations via velocity
UPDATE: Performance improvements under the hood.
HOTFIX: UACC misapping corrected
HOTFIX: Release pedal now working (except for legato; just not supported)
HOTFIX: Changing MIDI channel reinitialises CC sliders so that release samples do not disappear
HOTFIX: Loading a patch on MIDI channel 'Omni' correctly initialises CC sliders

1.01 (2 February 2014)
HOTFIX: Ostinatum release issue
HOTFIX: Round robin change issue
HOTFIX: Celli attack issue
HOTFIX: Artic switcher issue
HOTFIX: Various overlay issues

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