Offworld Trading Company 1.21A + DLC

Offworld Trading Company 1.21A + DLC

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dlc_offworld_trading_company___blue_chip_ventures_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 709.48 KB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___ceres_initiative_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___conspicuous_consumption_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___jupiter_s_forge_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 38.4 MB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___limited_supply_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 733.47 KB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___real_mars_map_pack_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 1.08 MB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___scenario_toolkit_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 6.94 MB
dlc_offworld_trading_company___the_patron_and_the_patriot_dlc_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 17.47 KB 2.93 MB
offworld_trading_company_enUS_1_21a_24783.pkg 489.57 MB 334.05 MB 153.34 MB

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Offworld Trading Company 1.21A + DLC
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  Name: Offworld Trading Company
Version: 1.21A + DLC
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG

OS version: 10.10
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel Core i5
RAM minimum: 4 GB
Video RAM: 1 GB

This is a DRM-free GOG release. Courtesy of Ferrum.

Included DLCs:

- Blue Chip Ventures
- Ceres Initiative
- Conspicuous Consumption
- Jupiter's Forge
- Limited Supply
- Real Mars Map Pack
- Scenario Toolkit
- The Patron & The Patriot

Included Extras:

- OST (MP3)
- Game Guide

Offworld Trading Company is an economic real-time strategy game from Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment. In the game, money, not firepower, is the player's weapon. Players must stake their claims to resources and wrest any advantage they can buying and selling on the real-time marketplace but greasing some palms on the black market for a timely pirate raid on a rival's supply chain can make all the difference.

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