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Stellaris: MegaCorp
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  Stellaris: MegaCorp

Stellaris: MegaCorp is the complete new expansion strategy game from the iconic sci - fi Paradox Development Studio, with which the players give start to a new era of prosperity and benefits on a galactic scale. In this expansion focused on the economy, players can be CEOs of a powerful corporate empire to extend its operations by stars.

Stellaris: MegaCorp includes:
corporate culture
CEOs of MegaCorp can do business on a galactic scale with new civic norms. By building branches of empires planets with those trade agreements, MegaCorp can incorporate a part of the commercial value of the planet to its own network. Using the new corporate governance, build a corporate machine and dominates the galactic trade to access a brighter future.
urban world
With Ecumenopolis players can increase the population density of nuclear worlds to epic proportions, reaching create a megacity covering the entire planet.
Fleets caravaneros
Not lose sight of the caravan, some interstellar tricksters who remain outside the galactic politics and always have a bargain under the sleeve. Be prepared to find surprises when these masters of trade train your space or when visiting their systems.
more megastructures
It has approved the budget for your magnificent decompressor matter, megaartística facility or center for strategic coordination, to acquire new skills for your megacity climbing.
Galactic slave market
Buy and sell slaves on an industrial scale, liberals or Keep them like cattle. You choose!
VIP status has its advantages
Keep the competitiveness of the economy as a ruthless galaxy with additional advantages climb!


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