Pillars of Eternity II - Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II - Deadfire

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dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___captain_s_footlocker_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___critical_role_pack_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 1.46 MB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___deck_of_many_things_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 18.9 MB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___explorer_s_pack___pet_cosmo_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___explorer_s_pack___tricorn_hat_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___fig___cloak_of_the_obsidian_order_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 17.48 KB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___fig___m_takau_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___fig___pet_wurm_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 17.47 KB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___korean_localization_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 3.13 MB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___prize_crew_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 88.11 MB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___rum_runner_s_pack_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 9.02 MB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___seeker__slayer__survivor_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 1.15 GB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___the_beast_of_winter_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 1.7 GB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___the_forgotten_sanctum_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 1.06 GB
dlc_pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire___vanity_fair_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 12.58 MB
pillars_of_eternity_ii__deadfire_enUS_v4_0_0_0034_25838.pkg 21.85 GB

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Pillars of Eternity II - Deadfire
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  Name: Pillars of Eternity II - Deadfire
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG Installers

OS version: 10.12.6+
Processor type(s) & speed: Core i5-4570S+
RAM minimum: 8GB+
Video RAM: GeForce GT750M+

When a violent tremor shatters the islands of the Deadfire, the greatest wizards in Eora seek out the aid of the Watcher. The archmage Maura has vanished into the depths of a newly opened dungeon located in the Black Isles and threatens to awaken what lies forgotten there. Follow Maura's trail and determine the fate of one of the Deadfire Archipelago's most closely-held secrets.

Traverse an expansive dungeon built into the flesh of a sleeping god.
Encounter the highest-level challenges yet faced by the Watcher and their companions.
Scheme with or defy the wills of Eora's most powerful wizards.

Pursue a rogue god over land and sea in the sequel to the multi-award-winning RPG Pillars of Eternity. Captain your ship on a dangerous voyage of discovery across the vast unexplored archipelago region of the Deadfire. Bend the world to your will, as you explore the depths of infinite possibilities, including detailed character customization, total freedom of exploration, and more meaningful choices at every turn.
Immerse yourself in a deeper single player RPG game experience - enriched with cutting edge technology and features, Deadfire builds on the foundation of classic D&D gameplay with vastly improved graphics, deeper game mechanics and a whole new hand-crafted adventure where choices truly matter.
Discover the new region of the Deadfire plot your own course by ship and explore the rich and exotic islands of the archipelago region, discovering new places interacting with their inhabitants and engaging in a variety of quests at every port.
Build your party and customize your companions choose from 7 different companions to join you on your quest and assign multiple classes and deeper abilities for each. Witness their personal relationships and interactions unfold with the addition of the new companion system.

More info: https://store.steampowered.com/app/560130/Pillars_of_Eternity_II_Deadfire/


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