Eastgate Systems Storyspace 3.1.2

Eastgate Systems Storyspace 3.1.2

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Eastgate Systems Storyspace 3.1.2
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  Eastgate Systems Storyspace v3.1.2 | Mac OS X | 36 MB.

Storyspace is a tool for complex and interconnected narrative, both fiction and nonfiction. Twenty years ago, the original Storyspace ushered in the era of interactive writing works such as Michael Joyce afternoon, a story ( "an absolutely essential to understand this new art form elegant and provocative work ..." - Robert Coover, NY Times Book Review) and Patchwork Girl of Shelley Jackson ( "A cult hit" - the Village Voice). Now, Storyspace has been updated, expanded and reconceived using technology and new design.

Hypertext fiction
Storyspace 3 is a tool for writing and read hypertext narrative to fictional and non - narrative stories told with links. For a long time, the tool of choice for serious hypertext writers, Storyspace now offers new features, new tools and unmatched elegance to handle complex stories with ease.

sculptural hypertext
Family support calligraphic tools hypertext hypertext, hypertext links and starting no allows the writer to link things that should be connected. Storyspace 3 also adds tools statuesque hypertext. Sculptural hypertext linked begins with packs densely as decks, of which the reader may select pages in any sequence. But Storyspace hypertexts are not just random: writers can remove links and apply restrictions that hypertext organize itself. Sculptural encourages hypertext pictorial narrative in which the writer knows that controls what is needed while relaxing control over the reader when control may not be necessary.

Storyspace 3 is a writing environment especially suitable for large hypertext, complex and challenging hypertexts. Storyspace focuses on the writing process, which makes it easy and pleasant link, review and reorganize.


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