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Bongiovi DPS

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24.71 MB Bongiovi Acoustics DPS Enhanced Audio

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Bongiovi DPS
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  Bongiovi DPS

A simple way to give your computer's sound new depth.

With Bongiovi DPS, instantaneously correct, improve and optimize the sound of any computer system.

Make your music, movies and video games come alive

With Digital Power Station DPS technology, you'll experience added depth, clarity, bass definition, presence and enhanced stereo field imaging via your laptop or desktop computer. Video games, apps, music and movies, videos, VOIP and video conferencing software like Google Voice™, Skype™ and Face-time™; will all come to life through the computer's on board speakers, external speakers or headphones.

Just turn it on and DPS will do the rest.

Requires OS X 10.10+


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