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Smarky 2.8

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Smarky 2.8
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  Smarky 2.8 (macOS)

Smarky is the bookmarks manager for Safari bookmarks which is compatible with Apple's iCloud. After installing Smarky and enabling iCloud syncing, you can have automatically alphabetized and organized Safari bookmarks on all of your Apple devices.

Version 2.6:
In the Syncing button in the document toolbar, the Ready state is now indicated by a yellow dot instead of a green dot, to emphasize the fact that syncing is Ready but does not begin until the window is closed.
Now supports importing and exporting the old Netscape .html files which are still exported and imported by most web browsers and bookmarking services.

No longer mangles IPv6 numeric literal URLs upon entering them.
Fixed a bug which caused the sheet indicating Sync Status has changed… and prompting Export to sometimes appear two or three times after clicking the Syncing button to make syncing ready.

No longer fails with Error 54367 when attempting to export to a loose native browser file, or export to a browser installation which has not created a bookmarks file yet (because user has not created any bookmarks).
If the Launch in Background preference is switched on, and a web browser is the active application before the app is launched, and the app is launched from the macOS Dock or LaunchPad, and one or both Global Keyboard Shortcuts are configured, those keyboard shortcuts now work (as expected) in the web browser immediately, without the user first needing activate a different application and then return to the web browser.


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