Reassembly 2019.03.26 + DLC

Reassembly 2019.03.26 + DLC

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dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_deDE_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_enUS_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_esES_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_frFR_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_jaJP_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_plPL_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_ptBR_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_ruRU_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
dlc_reassembly_fields_expansion_zhHans_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 95.79 MB
reassembly_deDE_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB
reassembly_enUS_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB
reassembly_esES_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB 146.71 MB
reassembly_frFR_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB
reassembly_jaJP_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB 176.04 MB
reassembly_plPL_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB
reassembly_ptBR_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB
reassembly_ruRU_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB
reassembly_zhHans_2019_03_26_2_28356.pkg 100.36 MB

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Reassembly 2019.03.26 + DLC
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  Name: Reassembly
Version: 2019.03.26 + DLC
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG

OS version: 10.7
Processor type(s) & speed: 2.0 Ghz Dual Core
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Video RAM: 1 GB

This is a DRM-free GOG release. Courtesy of Vastyr.

Included DLCs:

- Fields Expansion

Included Extras:

- OST(MP3)
- Fields Expansion OST (MP3)

More info:

NOTICE: Both base game and expansion have separate installers for German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese. Only download the ones you need.

Modular spaceship building

Build your entire ship out of pieces, LEGO style. Thruster placement and mass distribution define the dynamics of your ship, so different designs feel very different to fly. Block by block destruction encourages you to build redundant systems and protect your most vital parts. Automatic ship repair and a user friendly designer with features like copy & paste and undo allows complex designs with minimal effort.

Beautiful, emergent ecosystem

Procedurally generated open living world full of many different types of AI spaceships, space stations, and synthetic plants, each intent on self perpetuation. Take advantage of impromptu battles between rival factions to recover objectives, or run away after your opponent calls in reinforcements. AI ships can retreat if overwhelmed, scavenge for resources, investigate disturbances, self repair, reproduce, and generally behave as artificial lifeforms rather than target dummies.

Destructive combat

Wield a wide variety of projectile and beam weapons, missiles, rockets and torpedoes, deployable drones, and more against your enemies. Defend yourself with shields, armor, point defense systems, and pure maneuverability. Combat is a mix of skill, tactics, and preparation an expertly piloted fighter can take down an enemy fleet, but having a well balanced arsenal helps.


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