Eastgate Systems Twig 1.2.2

Eastgate Systems Twig 1.2.2

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Eastgate Systems Twig 1.2.2
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  Eastgate Systems Twig v1.2.2 | Mac OS X | 19 MB.

Twig is a quick and agile to collect and cultivate your ideas tool.

With Twig's Noter, you can take just typing notes. Do you want to review an old note? Just start typing its name. Twig is smart about abbreviations and shortcuts.

Each note can have as much text as you need and as many labels as you want. You can add your own attributes to the notes. (Need more proxy? Twig notes can have prototypes and inherit their properties. Prototypes can save a lot of typing!)

The Noter lists related notes and a cloud of topical words. Everything is editable, and everything is fast.

The Twig Map gives you unprecedented freedom to take notes and to express relationships exactly as desired. It is not just a way to make nice pictures, but a powerful and easy way to capture ideas and express tentative connections between them.

Link gracefully within your document, and your document from any file, web page or Internet service. Linking is as easy and natural as drawing a line or type a URL.

views of notor and Map of Twig work together to enable you to capture information quickly and keep it organized as you change your understanding.

Twig contour gives checkboxes, columns and distinctive graphics. You can not just apply styles to your notes, but the notes can inherit styles from their prototypes.

Twig's Chart allows you to read and write your document in an agile and elegant tree browser. Twig agents constantly scan your document to find interesting notes. Embellishments help organize your maps, while smart Ornaments can reach and organize new notes for you. The search tools are incredibly fast Twig and incredibly flexible.

Twig can even synchronize notes with Simplenote. Add notes from your iPhone, your iPad and read them make a backup in the cloud.


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