Swift Publisher 5.0.7

Swift Publisher 5.0.7

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Swift Publisher 5.0.7
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  Swift Publisher 5.0.7 (macOS)

Swift Publisher takes the headache out of desktop publishing: print colorful flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, and more.

An easy-to-learn alternative. Ditch those massive, daunting design apps aimed at professional publishers -- with its accommodating interface, Desktop Publisher is a digital drawing board for the rest of us.
Text toolkit. Customize text styles, link text boxes, and create visually pleasing wrap-around effects. With Swift Publisher, manipulating your content is never a chore.
Inspiring options. Spark your creativity. Swift Publisher includes images, designs, and unique masks, giving you the templates and resources you need to jump-start the design process.
Perfect personalization. When your publication has to be personalized, turn to Swift Publisher. Whether you need to tint, tile, group, rotate, or adjust the opacity of an object, you'll find the tool you need.

Version 5.0.6:
Minor fixes and improvements


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