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VoodooPad 5.2.1

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VoodooPad 5.2.1
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  VoodooPad 5.2.1 | Mac OS X | 9 MB.

VoodooPad is a garden for your thoughts. Plante ideas, images, lists and anything else you need to track. VoodooPad grows with you, without obstructing the road, Without fences to lock you up! Write notes, highlight words or key phrases and create new pages. Drag and drop folders, images, applications , or URL in VoodooPad: are linked and on the web. With powerful search, you will not miss anything or be out of reach. The more you get, the better it gets.

Organize your shopping, travel and home repairs by importing coupons, receipts and important travel documents in VoodooPad. Link to favorite items, favorite shops, hotels, rental companies and other businesses. Create READY detailing your plans!
Keep your research organized and logical taking advantage of the links from the wiki VoodooPad, their collections, their labels, aliases and powerful search. Amount research papers, class notes and links to web sites. Merges and splits your information as you grow!
Do you need to share your VoodooPad document? Spread it as PDF, ePub or HTML to create your own website. Maybe you want to collaborate with some friends? Put it on a shared Dropbox folder and edit it . Need VoodooPad on the fly? Use VoodooPad for iOS to access your document on the iPhone or iPad. VoodooPad even has an embedded web server for sharing documents across a local network.
With powerful encryption VoodooPad, you can easily organize passwords, user names, registration information and accounts. You can encrypt a single page or entire document.


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